Workforce Leads
About Us

Workforce Leads is a leading recruiting and staffing company that provides integrated solutions to meet the evolving needs of companies and job candidates. Workforce Leads is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.

As an industry pioneer, Workforce Leads has sourced, screened and placed hundreds of individuals in temporary, temp-to-hire and full-time jobs.

Managing workforce fluctuations is just one way we help companies succeed. As a leader in employment services, we understand that businesses in all industries face many other challenges every day. At Workforce Leads, we improving performance, manage costs and outdo the competition.

We focus on creating ideal employment matches for your company. And in doing so, we can raise your productivity and ROI through improved quality, efficiency and cost reduction across your workforce.

We have the insight to help you determine what you need to do business better. And we have the expertise and resources to deliver it.


Workforce Leads sources the most sought-after talent currently available and has an unbeatable team of employment experts and staffing professionals. Our partnership with Staff Lite, VJ INC and Xuture IT means that we never have a shortage of talented IT staff. Unlike other staffing firms, our company can find a good match for your next project or staffing needs right within our partner companies at Staff Lite, VJ INC and Xuture IT.

We provide access to quality candidates in web technology, application development and infrastructure support. We have consultants staffed in a myriad of capacities from Program Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Architects to Developers, Testers and Help Desk.

At Workforce Leads, our employees are the core of our business - their every accomplishment is our success, their success, and the success of our valued customers. To discover how we can help you be more successful, contact us today.